Abraham and Mary

A Dramatic Character Study of the Lincolns

A Play by
Bo Metzler
Endorsed by the
Abraham Lincoln
Bicentennial Commission

A historical play covering the entire relationship between Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd Lincoln
highlighting important events from 1840 - 1865.

Two characters, incidental voices, 1 set, period: mid -1800's.

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First Performance $60
All Remaining Performances $45

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4 bound scripts
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Set of graphic images for production slides
CD of suggested incidental music
Poster Artwork
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About the Play

Abraham and Mary is a full length, two act, two character, one set play about Abraham Lincoln and his wife Mary Todd.
Unlike all other "Lincoln plays," Abraham and Mary deals with the entire relationship of two of history's most interesting,
most controversial, most intense, and most misunderstood characters. The play spans 25 years of failure and defeat at politics, countless misunderstandings, personal loss, public ridicule, public notoriety, doubt, confusion, and deep depression.
In 35 scenes, the play touches on the most important incidents in the life of Abraham and Mary
as they saw them, as they had to deal with them, and as they had to overcome them.
A truly remarkable story . . .
A truly challenging acting experience . . .
A truly interesting and important play . . . .

Abraham and Mary was originally presented on February 8 & 9, 1971, at E. Turner Stump Theatre at Kent State University, Kent, Ohio,
as an Independent Study Project under the supervision of Dr. William Zucchero.
 It was produced and directed by Bo Metzler and Catherine Wasson who also played Abraham and Mary.

It has since been produced in Chillicothe, Ohio and in New York at the Direct Theatre and at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

 Bo Metzler
440 East 78th St. #5A
New York, NY 10075
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