Bo apt.
This is the apartment complex where we used to live - until we were forced to leave.

Located in the heart of New York City. A few blocks from Times Square.
I live within walking distance of the Broadway theatres where I worked.

We lived in this two-bedroom apartment ever since Alex was 3 years old.
It was furnished it in a "Southwest" flavor and color scheme.
The natural-wood pieces of furniture were handmade (when I had the time).

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living room
Living Room
Entertainment Center
dining area
Dining Area
living room
Living Room
My Bedroom
Alex's room
Hallway to Alex's Room

I moved to New York in 1974 after Graduate School at Kent State University.

My first New York apartment was on West 85th Street near Riverside Drive.
In 1977, I moved toManhattan Plaza (into a one-bedroom),
--------- and when Alex was three we tranfered to the two-bedroom.

Alex lives with his friends on the upper East side - in 2009 he turned 25.
I am retired from show business after a fall at The Lion King nearly broke my neck.
Cecile and I live in the Philippines.
We plan to build a house overlooking the ocean...

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