Since moving to New York in 1974, (and after starving, driving a cab, working in a bakery and at Saks 5th Avenue),

I pursued my exciting and diverse career in show business.

I started as an actor but, since I didn't really sing, and definitely didn't dance,
the roles were too few and far between.
I did a little modeling - even had a Stetson ad placed in Playboy Magazine.
But, back then (1977, pre Tom Selleck), I couldn't get booked with a mustache.

But since my college career included all kinds of theatre experiences, I found lots of work Off Broadway
on electric and carpenter crews and as a stage manager.
I spent some time at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts (on staff),
The Public Theatre and The Actors Studio - among other places.

I even went out on the road for a while with a non-Equity tour of  "1776" and Voices Inc.

La CageMarlowe
>>>>   My Complete Resume

In 1980 I made it to Broadway as a stage manager and even had to "go on" for a week of shows when an understudy was unavailable.
The show was called "Marlowe."

In 1984 I began working on "La Cage Aux Folles,"
first as a sub stage manager, then as a dresser.
This lasted for almost 4 years, after which I went
out on the road with Harry Belafonte (see below).


From 1988-1990 I did my Local #1 Stagehand apprenticeship at CBS,
as a carpenter - building and repairing scenery.
I also worked at NBC, on the "Donahue Show"
and on the Broadway show "Cats" as a sub follow spot operator.

Since 1988 I worked exclusively as a stagehand.

les miz phantom
From 1990 to 1997 I worked on "Phantom of the Opera"
as a carpenter, propman, flyman and front light operator.
Most of my last three years there were under contract as Assistant Propman
          - driving the Phantom's remote control boat.
I was even sent to Atlanta's Fox Theatre to drive the boat in an emergency for the Phantom tour.

From April '97 to July '98 I was at the Imperial Theatre as Assistant Propman
on "Les Miserables".

Beginning in May of 1997,
I began working at Disney's New Amsterdam Theatre.
The theatre had a Grand Re-Opening with the World Premiere of "King David"
followed by the World Premiere of Disney's "Hercules' Summer Spectacular and Light Show Parade".
                         (I was inside, as Propman for the stage show.)
Then came "The Lion King". What a show! It will be around for years!!
I was a sub on the show in the prop department during the first year of the run.

          david herculeslion king


42ndbells jekyllFrom the end of 1998 into mid 2001, I was at the Plymouth Theater on "Jekyll & Hyde" followed by "Bells Are Ringing."
During that time, I did several load-ins and load-outs of other Broadway shows such as: "Hedda Gabler," "Mama Mia," "Thou Shalt Not," "A Class Act," "Seussical,"
"The Allergist's Wife," "Taller Than A Dwarf,"
"Ride Down Mt. Morgan," " Puttin' It Together,
" Voices in the Dark," "Parade,"
"Fascinatin' Rhythm."

From September 2001 to March 2002, I was subbing in the prop department on "42nd Street."

sweat smell

From March till June 2002 I was at The Martin Beck Theatre (now called the Hirschfeld
as Assistant Propman on "Sweet Smell of Success" starring John Lithgow.
It's a great show! (despite what the critics said.)

Beginning in August of 2002, I worked on The Lion King as a full time employee in the prop department. 
In May of 2006, I fell and injured my neck (almost breaking it) and am now retired.

I have published my book: "What We Do - Working in the Theatre"  which which won a Book of the Year Award in 2008.
What We Do is a mixture of my experiences used as a guide for an overview of the theatre business for theatre students and dreamers just starting a career.
It is the ONLY book on EVERYTHING in theatre written by someone who has actually DONE everything in theatre.

In short, over the years, I went where the jobs and the pay checks were.
It didn't matter what I did - anything "in the business" was OK with me.
I came to New York to "do theatre" and I've been pretty successful at it:

I have worked on Broadway as an actor, stage manager, dresser, carpenter, electrician, flyman, & propman -
    (To my knowledge, the only person to do this.)
I have worked on four of the longest running Broadway shows: Cats, Les Miserables, Phantom and Lion King -
    (To my knowledge, the only person to do this.)
I held  union cards in the three stage unions
(Actors Equity, Local #1 Stagehands, Local #764 Wardrobe)
- simultaneously -
(To my knowledge, the only person to do this.)

   My Complete Resume

During all this Theatre activity,
I also worked on "Sesame Street"
for six wonderful seasons...1...2...3...4...5...6
(from 1990 - 1995)
Alas, I never met Jim Henson. He passed away just before I started.

But I have met Big Bird and Elmo and Telly and Cookie Monster
and all the rest.

And I met a lot of famous people too!

Here are just a few:

One of my most memorable experiences

was traveling all over the world with Harry Belafonte in 1987-88.

We went all over the U.S. and also to Paris, Milan, Madrid, Munich

and Harare Zimbabwe!

It was incredible! An experience of a lifetime!

I was his wardrobe supervisor and took care of all of his clothes

and the back up singers and band too.

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