Born: September 1st, 1918

Born: February 4th, 1919

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Bob's Family
Mary's Family
     Bob's birth name was:
 Andrew Penzelik or
Penschik or
His birth was recorded
on 9/1/1918

The only known photo of
Bob's Birth Parents
and older brother.
Their names could have been:
Joseph Penzelik, Anna Dzamka
& James

Joseph Pinzelek, Anna Griga
or spelled Penschik

Bob's real sister, Polly
located when he was 21

 with husband Paul,
daughter Claire & son Jerry
circa 1950

Abby and David Metzler
married on October 25th, 1904

adopted "Andrew"
and named him "Robert Andrew"

Abby's Father       David's Mother
was E.A. Lawton    was Rosa Jones
            born 1836       "MoreGrandma"      
             who married         who married       
           Mary Cox.        William Metzler  
                                in 1881. 
    There were             There were  
 5 other children:    3 other children:
Hannah, Alfred,               Mary,    
    Emma Engelhardt
,            Ethel &        
Edward and                 William J.
  Lottie Donahue                                 
                              William Metzler's
                               father was
                              Christopher Metzler
                              Born in Germany
                               came to Akron 1840
                            Died 1881

     Robert age 10            World War II Sailor

MaryAnn Fogarty             Edward Welsh
(b: 1859 in China)                                 
Married Richard Bly                begat       
(from Ireland)                                 
           And begat:             Edward  Welsh Jr. 
William, Fannie,                                  
Mary, Joseph,                                 
Catherine &                                   
Grace Bly married Edward Welsh Jr.

Mary Rita Welsh
was born February 4th, 1919

The Welsh Family -- circa. 1940
Frances, Mary, Grace, Edward,
James Vincent (J.V.), JoAnne

Mary Welsh and Bob Metzler met
at St. Vincent High School
circa 1936 - 39

They were married
November 9th, 1940

and their first house was
on Peerless Avenue

This is where all 4 kids began.

The Metzler's home from 1958          Welsh Siblings -- circa 1960      Metzler's Cuyahoga Falls Apt.
on Orlando Avenue                 
Mary, J.V., JoAnne, Francie                     circa 1980    

Christmas 1983                 1985                 

1992                                                           1988